Operation Write Home

I am currently making cards for Operation Write Home, which sends blank handmade cards to deployed servicemen and women. OWH is an amazing organization that ships thousands of cards each month to our nation's Heroes so they have something to write home on. Please check out the tag on the sidebar for more information on this inspiring mission. Please join me in supporting our men and women who sacrifice for us all.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

OWH Sketch #218 - I Miss You

I finally found a good use for this very busy poppy paper.  I loved the colors when I bought it and still do.  The challenge was to figure out which sketch would show it off the best. 

I think I found it! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

OWH - Children's Cards

It is past time for summer cards and we are into fall and winter cards but, I think cards for kids can often be non-seasonal. 

I don't think they notice that as much as grown ups so here are two for the kids!

OWH - Love cards

This morning I've got a few Love cards to post.  The photo won't show it but the black panels are made with chalkboard paper for some added textural interest.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lovin' Dad

How about showing some love for Dad?  Women are probably the primary recipients of the majority of the cards we make for OWH and I'm thinking Dad might like a card from a daughter or son deployed away from home.  

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another 10 Christmas for OWH

It is hard to think of fall or winter on a nice sunny day like today.  :)  However making cards for OWH means being a few seasons ahead in the card making so here are 10 more for the box getting ready to go postal this week.

Friday, July 25, 2014

OWH Sketch #18 and LSS I will miss you!

First let me say this is from OWH Sketch #18.  And then..........I received some sad news this past Sunday.  My ONLY LSS is closing!  It is over an hour drive away from me so I usually only visit when I am going to be in the city.  I stopped by yesterday and it is already almost like a ghost town.  One of the long time employees came up to me and said, "no crying!"  She knows I make the cards for OWH and made sure to point out some rick dark blue paper that was still there.  How very sad.  No more yummy papers, no more fun stamps, no more really really nice ladies to visit.  :(

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

OWH - MWT - Red, White and Blue Any Hero Card

The challenge for this week is a color challenge of red, white and blue and to make an Any Hero card.  This is one of my favorite sentiments by Paper Inspirations.

OWH - Christmas and a tip

I don't normally post twice back to back in a day but I had made this card and thought the new OWH card makers might like a tip.  It is on embellishment thickness. 

The sentiment is mounted on a chipboard piece which is ok to use although I found it rather thick so I thinned it by tearing off 1/2 of the thickness.  The visual of layers is still there but with much less bulk.  OWH cards can't be too thick as we don't want the Heroes to have to pay postage for bulky cards.  I hope that tip helps.

First Fall Cards

While I was working on the Christmas cards it realized I had not made any fall cards.
I started making these backgrounds while watching show.  It is amazing how relaxing that is.
And I had these beautiful stickers from Recollections that are shimmery with foil edging and accents.  I mounted them on cardstock and then cut them out.  The swirly things are thin chipboard that I distressed with 4 colors of ink.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

OWH - Christmas Cards for the July box.

I'm going to be adding some Christmas/Winter cards to the next box that I'm sending out.  Getting them to Sandy a little early helps her with getting prepared for the avalanche of cards that come for Christmas and winter. 

There are 2 additional reasons for sending some now...... #1 is that I get to work on a totally different theme and that helps the mojo not get in a rut.  #2 is that I don't get in a panic to make a bunch of cards towards the end of the deadline.  This way hopefully, it is less stressful for all.

These mistletoe was cut with the Cricut and I glossed all the berries with Dimensional Magic. 

The sentiment for this was made from a clear sticker and is wonderfully shiny and slightly popped.  Yay!  7 more for the box!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cleaning out the basket

Here are a few I made when cleaning out the basket. 
It is surprising that these bits can make interesting cards.
These two were made with a free digi sentiment from Create with TLC.
That dark purple ribbon is velvet.  And now on to cleaning up a bit more!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

MWT - Any Hero Card with Stars

I think pretty much the Any Hero cards I've made lately all have stars on them.  It just seems right to have some stars for our Heroes.   Check out the glossy gel letters!  :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Missing You cards

Here are some Missing You cards.  I think that of all the things our Heroes may want to say to family and friends back home, Missing You is most true.  They are far away for long stretches of time. 

I liked this beautiful K& Co paper and I added 3-d bugs and butterflies and glossed them up for interest.  I had enough to make 4 different cards. 

This 2nd one was made with the Cricut.  I got 6 of these done.  Kind of makes the point, eh?
These two use K&Co chipboard embellishments.
This last one is also a K&Co 3-d embellishment and uses up some of that photo paper I had laying around.  

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Morning Misc Cards

Good morning!  There is no special theme for this morning's post.  I'm still digging out from the 4th of July VCMP.  I must have had a good time because there was stuff everywhere!

So this is just a bunch of random cards I made. 

These are mostly from scrap clean up.
Ok, off to clean up a bit more.  I'll probably be back later with a few more.  Have a great Saturday! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

OWH Midweek Throwdown - Any Hero Card

The Midweek Throwdown for this week can be found on the Stars & Stamps blog, here.  Continuing with the July patriotic themes I made this one with shiny stickers for maximum effectiveness of the word Hero.  I know this looks similar to another one I made recently but I had more of the circle flags and the star paper so I decided to NOT add to the scrap basket.  :)  Edit:  The circle flags were a 3-d border strip that I believe is K&Co, it was mixed in with other things in my patriotic supply bin.  I just cut off the number of circles I wanted for each card.  They really were nice since the stripes are all shiny like the Hero sticker letters.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

OWH 4th of July VCMP - Challenge #15

This is the last one for tonight.  Challenge #15 is hosted by Becca and gives us permission to be a little off kilter, a little wild for the teens.  I have to admit the idea of doing teen cards usually leaves me with that "blank stare" but after seeing her examples and cards made by other talented crafters I was inspired.  I think this one is cool, had fun making it, right down to the duct tape.  :)

OWH 4th of July VCMP - Challenge #14

This challenge was sure interesting!  It is hosted by Annette and asked for 2 cards.  One to be made WAY to bulky to be used by a Hero but could be written TO a Hero. 

Check out that chunky embellishment!  It looks nice but it is way to thick for our Heroes to send through USPS.... that dang thing needs it's own boat!
The second card is to be the same card without all the bulk and thickness so a Hero can use it to write home.  The flower is soft and can easily slide into an envelope. 

OWH 4th of July VCMP - Challenge #13/Sketch #232

Woo hoo!  A 2-fer!  A challenge and a sketch hosted by our very own OWH blogger Marlene.  This lovely paper and embellishment are K&Co..... and I would imagine the embossed vellum is as well, but don't quote me on that one.  I hadn't used that vellum in years so this is actually a 3-fer!  Oldie Moldie paper.... still awesome looking.

OWH 4th of July VCMP - Challenge #12

I know it is Tuesday the 8th but I am determined to finish these challenges!  So, here is challenge #12 hosted by Tami.  She challenged us to make a red, white and blue Christmas card.  The ornaments were cut with the Cricut and I didn't add a sentiment because the textured background kind of says it all!  :)  Maybe I will make a few more of these for the box.....

Sunday, July 6, 2014

OWH 4th of July VCMP - Challenge #11

Holy moly, this girl is just makin' cards!  (Must be Miles' encouragement and some of yours as well!)  This challenge is hosted by Marilyn  is to make a card with a vintage mode of transportation.  My favorite mode is the motorcycle!  Yes, I love motorcycles.  I miss my motorcycle.  I need to get another one.  OK, got side tracked there for a sec.  This lovely digi of an antique motorcycle is from Free Vintage Digi Stamps and I thought it appropriate that it said.... Miss you.

OWH 4th of July VCMP - Challenge #10

I can hardly believe that I am up to #10 since I was out of the house all day yesterday and couldn't get one card made!   This challenge is hosted by Bobbi and is looking for texture.  At least 3 kinds of texture.  My 3 are:  the dry embossed lower panel, the ribbon and the 3-d K&Co. lily (and the lily has a glossy smooth spot in the center as well).  I just figured this one needed no sentiment.

OWH VCMP 4th of July - Challenge #9

You know, it just dawned on me that Miles used to love watching me work my way through a VCMP.  He would come and encourage and critique.  I wish he were here to see how I'm getting on with this one............

Challenge #10 is hosted by Andrea and is looking for a vintage-male card.  The image is a digi from Free Vintage Digital Stamps and is one I use often.  I hope Miles would approve.  I miss him.

OWH 4th of July VCMP - Challenge #8

Moving right along, I am now at challenge #8 hosted by Cherie.  This challenge is to make a Missing You card with at least one circle (mine being the flower) and at least 2 banners.

OWH 4th of July VCMP - Challenge #7

The first challenge that was posted for Saturday was also the ODBD July Challenge.  It is for things with wings.  I seem to have a ton of K&Co. 3-d butterfly embellishments..... They really are nice though.

OWH 4th of July VCMP - Challenge #6

Challenge #6 is hosted by JoAnn and can be found here.  The challenge is to make 2 cards, one using Christmas colors and that can be used anytime......

I ended up using the reds and greens for both cards but the first 2 are just holly and that can be for anytime during the "winter" months.

OWH 4th of July VCMP - Challenge #5

Yikes!  Between having to be gone all day yesterday and having to deal with rescuing my truck off the highway today I have gotten way behind.  My truck had a flat tire and I live out in the middle of nowhere so it was a logistical challenge.  But it is safely home now and I will get the flat tire repaired tomorrow. 

Whew!  Now on to my card.  Challenge #5 is hosted by Beth and can be found here.  It is a background challenge that was looking for inks or paste.  In the absence of those items we could make a scrappy background using at least 5 papers..... I used 6 in this one and the flowers are K&Co 3-D embellishments.  The sentiment is a digi from Create with TLC.

Friday, July 4, 2014

OWH 4th of July VCMP - Challenge #4

This challenge which is hosted by Lori was fun.  Red, white and blue birthday cards.  Why not?  It is our country's birthday.  I might make more of these to go in the next box to Operation Write Home.

OWH 4th of July VCMP - Challenge #3

Wow!  Was this one ever a challenge for me!  It is hosted by Kelly and asked for a children's card with paper piecing.  Ok, let me see..... I rarely do children's cards (since OWH has so many wonderful card makers who do such an amazing job at it)........ I haven't stamped an image to be colored in 3 or 4 years..... AND I have NEVER done paper piecing.  EEEK!!  Oddly, it just so happens that I was supporting an LSS last week and DID buy this cute little Stampendous stamp.  So, after I stopped staring in panic I went for it and gave him a denim hat.  One of my favorite hats of recent years was a Harley Davidson denim hat.  And I do love baseball.  YAY!