Operation Write Home

I am currently making cards for Operation Write Home, which sends blank handmade cards to deployed servicemen and women. OWH is an amazing organization that ships thousands of cards each month to our nation's Heroes so they have something to write home on. Please check out the tag on the sidebar for more information on this inspiring mission. Please join me in supporting our men and women who sacrifice for us all.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tidbits Trinkets Challenge

Bekka, over at Tidbits Trinkets has been posting some wonderful images for cardmakers to use in making cards for Operation Write Home.  This is one that I think has lots of possibilites.  This is my first attempt with this image and I'm sure that I will be using it quite a bit.  Thanks Bekka!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dino-mite Birthday

I am admittedly not so good at kid's cards.  I hope someone likes this one.

Little Pinwheels - Missing You

I had made some little pinwheels to test the size and this is how they came out.  Kind of summer into fall colors. 
And the last one is a large pinwheel with a smaller one attached in the middle.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Turkeys and Spiders!

In the theme of fall colors we have my only Haloween card for this year and the start of my turkey making cards.  This guy is such a cute bird!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OWH MWT! Miss You!

This week's Throwdown is for us to make "Miss You" cards.  I was in that mode so this worked out just fine.  I am liking all the ways to dress up this pinwheel.  This one is a flower then a Martha Stewart snowflake then another flower and finally some bling!

Yelow Tulips - Happy Birthday

I know we are making Fall and Holiday cards for OWH right now, but I just had to have one that said summer.  It has been awful rainy here and some flowers and butterflies would be a nice sight out the window.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th Of July Blog Hop Party - Pinwheels 2

I liked this idea so much I had to make another one!  I think this one came out so much better.  I am definitely adding this one to my favorite techniques.

4th Of July Blog Hop Party - "Bear Your Heart"

This one is from ScrappinBear's Studio challenge to Bear your Heart.  I got the bear AND the heart!  Yay!  The image is a freebie from Create With TLC and I think this says it all.  For all those separated from their loved ones on this 4th of July by deployment, we wish them safe days, safe returns and many many hugs!

4th Of July Blog Hop Party - Pinwheels

This one is from the challenge at "Hello From Kate".  She gave a great tutorial on Pinwheels.  I like how quick and easy this one was.  I made mine from a pre-cut 4"x4" square.  It almost fills the whole page!  But that could work out well for getting a bunch made quickly.  This is my fall paper that should make it in time for Halloween or Thanksgiving or just plain fall.  I have enough pre-cut to make about 24 cards!  I will have to try some smaller ones as well.

4th Of July Blog Hop Party - Vintage

Happy Canada Day, July 1st, for all my Canadian friends and Happy 4th of July to all my American friends and family!!!  Gotta love a free country!  This weekend Operation Write Home is having a blog hop challege party and I missed most of it since I was out doing farming things on Saturday.  Here is my attempt to catch up a bit on the fun and see which challenges I can get done.

This first one is from Holly's Hobbies, a vintage card.  I always think of browns, sepias and burgundy so this time I added the olive green butterfly.  Don't worry about the glitter, it is Stickles sealed in Dimensional Magic.  It just brought a little bling to the butterfly.

Card #1 done!  On to see what others I can do in a short time.